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I am a danish digital designer who creates solutions with branding, business and people in mind. I work in the space of connecting brands and user experiences into solutions, where I combine design concepts with design system thinking.

Coming projects — WIP

Velliv Foreningen

A new design from my hand, where my role was lead and senior digital designer give the current site a new take, has been handed over to the developers fall 2023. In the start of 2024 a new Velliv Foreningen design hits the internet. 


Together with Novicell and the Metroselskabet (the metro system in Copenhagen) I've designed an interactive map, making it easier for the user to learn about the metrostations surroundings.

I am working with Novicell and Aimpoint to give Aimpoint, a swedish red dot sight manufacturer, a new look and design for their site.