Brøderne AO Johansen

In this collaboration project with a fellow designer, I gave the AO iOS app a design overhaul, which is based on the original CVI. With some minor tweaks and new elements.

My focus was mostly on the look & feel and webshop design part of the app. I was also was in charge of setting up a design system to combine design and business into the solution.

Project information

Digital Designer

iOS App



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With a platform that was about to be outdated in the iOS app store, the task was to move the app to a new platform and in that process we was to give the UX a new take… And make some updates to the look & feel and design.

However, myself and co-designer had a some ideas to give the app a significante design update, so the app felt more contemporary and more up to date. I worked on the look and feel, and after the first major design client meeting, the client was thrilled and wanted to put even more hours into the new look & feel and the new design take. And from then on the design part began to have a more prominent role in the project, and there was a small pivot where the UI design played a huge part of the project.

Underneath the hood, I build a design system for the client to secure the business part into the design part of the project, so it was future proof and could be build on.

The identity

The client had a wish to continue with the already established CVI, so the users wouldn’t be scared off when they opened the new app. So therefore the fonttype, colours and icons wouldn’t change in the new look & feel and design.

But… My co-designer and I couldn’t help ourselves, so we presented some small tweaks to some of the colours and extend the icons with a new set of icons so there would be two sets; the functional- and supporting icons. The tweaks and additions made sense with the client, and they are now therefore present in the digital CVI.

Design System

One of the wishes from the client was to have a design system created, which should be easy to work with, add new items to and most important; to support their business in the future.

I created the design system where I created a large library with icons, modules and global items which should support the app’s new design. I created an easy to use library with a tight structure to the module overview, and splitting up the two icon styles which lives in the design. And also put the colours and font hierarchy in to a system.

It was an requirement that we should work in an agile way, where the time we had was limited due to the iOS App Stores timelimit to the exsisting app. In 5 months time we created an app from more or less from stratch, where the UX/UI design and the design system was created while the developers was coding away.

We were two UI designers and one UX designer on the project, where we were accompaigned with a product owner. The UI design was made on the fly with the UX, where we challenged each other in the process to find the most optimal solution to the challenges. And with a lot of iterations and talks, we created an app which is easy to navigate and looks good.

The conclusion

We crated an app where we gave it a significant design update, where we worked with the exsisting CVI. We created a design that was easy to use, where we also had accessibility in mind so the buttons is easy to hit, the colours have a good colour contrast and it's easy to navigate in.

With an agile process we came a long way in 5 months time, where the developers worked on our design... While we were designing the app. And I think we made an app which is going to perform well, and delivers good design to the craftsmen who uses the app on a daily basis.