Samsøe Samsøe

As Lead Designer on this project, the site got a major update to it's UX and visual design, based on an updated branding to the SAMSØE SAMSØE brand. 

The focus was to raise convertion rates on the site, and providing the client a simple but flexiable design system within a limited timebudget. And make the site look great, where I combined "minimal/fragile" design principles with "big and bold" communication.

Project information

Lead Designer




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The assignment

A complete redesign of their site with their latest rebranding, where conversion had a top priority, where my role was lead designer. The redesign included new a new UX to the whole site, with a new digital look & feel to the site, UI- and design to the whole site from frontpage to check out.

Along the way I created a design system for the client, where the client wanted it to be flexiable and easy to use so they with ease could maintain the site and create new frontpages and subpages without breaking a sweat. And the site if of course responsive, with mobile first in mind. 

In the initial meeting with the client, they told me that they wanted something minimalistic, which should match with their new rebranding and only show Samsøe Samsøe clothing. Samsøe Samsøe was going for a mono-brand approach, leaving all the other brands they used to sell.

With that brief, I created a design principle where I mixed the "minimalistic/fragile" approach with "big and bold". The idea was that the big and bold should represent their storytelling (emotional), and use the minimalistic/fragile design for the shop part (rational) of the solution. 

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A Design system

The client had one wish; They wanted a very flexiable solution where they had a good amount of freedom to play and create new front- and category page layouts. And at the same time it should not take them long to create, and they wanted to reuse the modules on the entire site... Meaning that there shouldn't be alot of modules, which was a giving constraint due to the time of the project and development.

I created a system that accommodated their wishes, where I created a strong hierarchy in navitaion levels, fonts, icons, etc. which consisted of 7 modules which have vartiations to give the client their freedom.

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The client and I had a seamless and good relationship from the start, where we agreed to have weekly design check ins with their stakeholders, my UX designer and I to keep track on the project, and approve designs on the go.

The UX designer and I had daily check ins where we talked about solutions, saw at my iterations and worked on a final design file that we showed the client. The client provided us their comments, and together we reached a agreement, and I created the final design file, and got the worked approved quite fast.

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The conclusion

Samsøe Samsøe was to upgrade their platform, and with that thay wanted a total redesign of the site to match their new branding, wishes and to ensure conversion... And it should be mobile first.

My role in the project was design lead, where I had an UX designer by my side, to create the solution and ensure a good relationship with the client. I think we came through and gave the client a good solid/best practice UX and a visual design that supports the new business way Samsøe Samsøe has taken with their site; The mono brand way. And the most important aspect to the project: The client was happy and thrilled about what we created for (and with) them.