I've worked with WSAudiology on and off through 1 1/2 years, where I solved different tasks such as reviewing exsisting sites, redesign sites with updated identity and working with the products which the healthcare professionals works with.

In this case I've worked with Widex's products that the professional staff works with every day, where they order new products and make adjustments. 

Project info

Digital Designer



2019 — 2021

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The brief
In this bigger collaboration project, where we were 3 designers and 1 UX designer (+ the WSAudiology design team), the assignement was to redesign the UX and update the design to the design system that the WSA design team had created.

The solution is a tool for the healtcare professionals to order new products, review hearing aids and make changes to the order. Basically a shop where the user have the opportunity to go more in depth, due to what kind of products they sell. It's an internationally tool where we had to make sure that low resolution desktop screens was included, where we worked with a 1366x768 px as a minimum resolution — 1440x900 px as standard — 1920x1080 px as a preffered resolution. 

The coming screens are the work I did on the assignment. It's a large project where there are several pages, but to keep focus, it's the pages I designed.

The challenge
In the process of creating designs based on wireframes from the client's design team, the team and I saw various challenges to the design system which was based on sites that was intended to be viewed globally... And not for the healthcare professionals. Our UX designer reviewed and came with her advice on best practice advice during the process.

Due to it had to work on low resolution desktop screens, the team and I could quickly conclude that the design system, that the solution should be based on, was a challenge. The design system was based on high resolution screens... And not on low resolutions, which we had to make room for. It's not all of the healthcare professionals that have high resolutions screens.

In the process the team and I worked on optimizing the design system with new sizes for the UI, where we made the sizes smaller and more readable on smaller screens. Making sure that the user we have the overview they needed before making an order. 

In the mean time we also created new modules and components for the design system, created new icons for our needs. We also worked with accessibility and creating hierarchy, so the users would have a good overview of their order before placing it. And making sure that they had all the necessary information and comments, before making the order. 

The process
WSAudiology is a large worldwide organisation with many stakeholders, who all have their interests that have to fit in to the organisation and business for all the brands who lives under the WSA umbrella. 

The process for this assignment was challenging, but it gave me alot of insights and how to solve complex assignments with many stakeholders in the future. What I, and the team I was working with, learned was how large organisations work and have to talked and consider every small change before it can be approved. It gave us the learning that some things takes time, and we cannot always move as quickly as we want to in order to reach deadline.

Another leaning was also how to collaborate, internally in the team, with Sketch.Cloud and Invision when we were 3 designers and 1 UX designer on the project, who all had their area and pages of responsibility. And how to collaborate with a design system none of us had worked with before, and how to add new UI elements to the system.

The process was a bit different than I'm used to, but I think the team and I came out with a good solid product that solved the brief and created value for the client and their business.

The conclusion
Working with a large organisation with many stakeholders was not the easiest task I've been given. But I think I and the team I worked, in collaboration with the WSA team and stakeholder, with delivered a solution that follows best practice and works on low resolution desktop screens.

We created a tool that gives the users a good overview of their order, makes it easy to find information and to place their order. We worked with WSA's own design system, where we expanded their library with new modules and improved UI focusing on low resolution screens, where we found a good balance between the Widex CVI and the clients wishes to have the most important information within the fold so the solution also took their business goals into consideration.